Carbon Emissions Reporting Solution for Construction

Virtually everyone in the construction industry agrees that too many aspects of business are reactive rather than proactive when it comes to carbon.

Moving Towards a More Proactive Posture

The bad news is that the construction industry has been slower than most when it comes to adopting new digital technologies that could help with the transition to a more proactive posture on carbon. The good news is that the technology that can help companies formulate more proactive and effective carbon mitigation strategies is here now in the form of Qflow carbon emissions reporting solution for construction.

Tracking Carbon in Your Supply Chain with Qflow

Qflow enables you to capture a GRN at the gate by way of a photograph. And that’s important because these days many GRNs include information about packaging waste, modes of transport and other environmentally relevant information that can help a company determine the carbon impact of orders early on in the process.

Such information helps to bolster sustainable practices from end to end within the supply chain. It’s the kind of proactive approach to carbon emissions, and potential carbon emissions, that until now has been lacking in the construction industry. Collecting GRNs from various points of your supply chain is no longer a challenge with Qflow carbon emissions reporting solution.

Qflow & WTNs

Waste Transfer Notes or WTNs are crucial to the whole process of carbon reporting and Qflow lets you take the same proactive approach to assessing them by automatically checking your WTNs to ensure they adhere to project specific requirements. All waste is checked against the Environment Agency’s 9 Duty of Care points and if anomalies or discrepancies are detected you receive an automatic notification. Raw materials such as timber are similarly checked to ensure they are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests.


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Thanks to Qflow carbon emissions reporting solution for construction the industry is finally able to adopt a more proactive posture on the issue of carbon. To learn more about how Qflow can help your business, use the contact form on this website.

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