I already use an internal reporting system. Can Qflow integrate with this?

Qflow can integrate with existing data management tools to provide a seamless data flow support to accurately and automatically capture data for bulk uploads. Qflow doesn’t just allow you to track key data, such as waste and materials, it automates the collection of this data into the platform. This means no manual data entry, giving you greater confidence in the accuracy and completeness of data sets.

How much information does Qflow capture?

Qflow will capture all critical reporting information from material delivery notes (Goods Received Notes, invoice numbers, transport data) and Waste Transfer Notes. Request a demo to explore the portal and see what information is captured.

Can I tailor reports to suit my company or project requirements?

The platform is designed to give maximum flexibility to the users. If you have specific reporting requirements outside of the system, communicate these with the team and we will work hard to meet your needs.


How many users can I have per license?

Licences are held per project, so you can have as many users on one project as needed. If you have an enterprise licence then this covers the entire company.


How does Qflow track compliance and certification?

For materials, we use a database with supplier certification information, whether that’s for tracking chain of custody, BES6001 or ISO14001. This means that for any delivery made to the project and captured using our app, you’ll have a live record and notifications regarding non-compliance. For waste, we have designed the system to maintain duty of care documentation alongside live records of each WTN, including carriers licences and permit holders for end facilities.

We continue to expand the number of compliance checks and notifications we provide. If you need to track something in particular, let us know.


How do I export my data from Qflow?

Qflow has an open-source rest API so data can be fed automatically to other software tools. You can also export your data in CSV format at any time from the Qflow portal. Just select a timeframe and hit export. 


I want to use Qflow. How do I get started?

You can book a demo with our team or reach out to us at enquiries@qualisflow.com. If you want to get started with the platform by yourself, feel free to sign up for an account here.

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