Smartwaste Automation Solution

The construction industry is responsible for more than 2.2 billion tonnes of waste generated globally last year alone. That’s bad enough as it is, but to make matters worse most of that waste goes directly to landfills, which makes the construction industry one of the least sustainable sectors of the economy. If construction companies are to get a handle on the waste problem, they will need an innovative approach like that provided by the Smartwaste Automation Solution from BRE.

Smartwaste enables construction companies to collate relevant site data regarding waste and use this data to identify trends in resource use and to pinpoint areas in need of improvement. Smartwaste compares legacy data and real-time data with industry benchmarks that enable the project manager to identify areas where their project has gone off the rails and to provide actionable insights they can use to get things back on track.


Addressing the True Nature of the Problem

Waste generation is a major issue facing the construction industry and can be traced almost without fail to poor resource management. Smartwaste enables project managers to easily and quickly identify wasteful practices and procedures which in turn enables them to take steps to end those practices no matter where or when they appear. The data generated by Smartwaste can also be combined with data produced by Qflow Smart Capture to identify trends and to verify the effectiveness of waste reduction efforts at all stages of the supply chain.

Smartwaste and Qflow Smart Capture can also be used to prepare more accurate site waste management plans and to minimise waste by allowing construction managers to produce more accurate material estimates. The end result is a less costly project and one with a greatly reduced environmental impact from inception through to completion.


BRE Smartwaste is one of an emerging generation of innovative software solutions that are helping the notoriously wasteful construction industry get its environmental house in order. When used in concert with other apps such as Qflow Smart Capture and Power BI construction companies finally have the ability to identify problematic practices and take incremental steps toward the ultimate goal of sustainability.


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