Supply Chain Data Management Solution

The last thing you want to be doing is chasing down supply chain data and with Qflow, you no longer have to. Qflow enables you to streamline your supply chain, ensure waste compliance and capture and audit GRNs and WTNs right from your smartphone.


Real Supply Chain Automation​

The data burden on project teams has never been more intense than it is today with increased pressure to decarbonise, increased admin and reporting pressures and higher than ever costs for non-compliance. If you are to thrive in the current environment you need access to effective data automation tools like the Qflow supply chain data management solution.

Stop wasting time and money on so-called automation tools that actually require significant levels of human intervention and make the switch to Qflow today.

Qflow Smart Capture

Until now, collecting GRNs and verifying their accuracy has been a major headache. Qflow can capture a ticket at the depot then track mileage to the site and provide a carbon calculation for that journey automatically. It’s the same for all the waste that is leaving a given site. Hounded by discrepancies in your WTNs? No problem. Qflow will detect any anomalies and bring them to your attention so you can sit down with the subcontractor and resolve the issue.

Qflow automatically checks all Duty of Care points on a WTN required by the Environment Agency and alerts you to any issues. Qflow also checks and verifies material and supplier certifications. Best of all, Qflow integrates seamlessly with your existing site apps, eliminating the learning curve and enabling you to significantly enhance supply chain data management without skipping a beat.

In addition, Qflow allows you to quickly compare your digital record of delivered materials and transferred waste against your invoices which enhances your ability to meet emission reduction targets.



Stay on top of quality compliance, enhance financial control, and identify opportunities to eliminate carbon from your processes with the Qflow supply chain data management solution. To learn more, use the contact form on this website.

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Enabling responsible, resource efficient construction; cutting waste and carbon. Qflow automates on site data capture and auditing, feeding it into your existing tools

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