Power BI Automation Solution

Microsoft’s Power BI (business intelligence) software provides an array of useful features such as dashboard creation and data modelling while integrating effortlessly with the company’s other popular business applications such as Microsoft 365. Power BI enables companies to put all their data to work for them and produce valuable insights that can be used to inform key business decisions.

More than a single software application Power BI is a collection of apps, services and connectors that knits previously unrelated data sources together in a way that provides companies with a competitive edge. With Power BI you will, for perhaps the first time ever, glean every bit of value out of all that data you have been collecting and storing so fastidiously.


How Construction Companies Are Putting Power BI to Work

Construction companies were some of the first to understand the implications of Power BI and have put it to work in a variety of innovative ways, including:

  • More efficient project monitoring: Power BI makes it easy for project managers to monitor progress in near real-time by consolidating data related to timelines, budgets and resource allocation and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way that enables on-the-spot adjustments.
  • More accurate trend analysis: Power BI leverages the previously untapped potential of your historical data and combines it with real-time data to produce more comprehensive and accurate long-term trend analysis. Businesses also have enormous flexibility when it comes to analysing trends in specific areas of the business.
  • Identifying embedded carbon in their supply chain: Power BI can take the data produced by Qflow Smart Capture and compare it to historical data to determine if supply chain carbon reduction efforts are having the desired effect. Power BI has the added benefit of simplifying carbon accounting and enabling more effective waste reduction efforts.

Power BI: Bringing Dormant Data to Life

Construction companies accrue mountains of data related to suppliers, workers, equipment and other sources. But until now finding a useful purpose for that data has been a challenge. With Power BI every bit of your data is now available to help you analyse trends, identify inefficiencies and ensure compliance with Net Zero mandates.

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