Supply Chain Sustainability Tool

Supply chain sustainability plays an important role in productivity, risk management, ESG and regulatory compliance, brand reputation and more. But advances in supply chain sustainability using traditional tools have been slow and uneven. Enter Qflow. Qflow is a powerful supply chain sustainability tool that provides valuable insights, fosters collaboration, and facilitates environmental and regulatory compliance in ways that bolster the integrity and durability of your supply chain.


Qflow and Your Supply Chain

Qflow can play an important role in helping to improve the integrity and sustainability of your supply chain by way of:

  • Spot-on Data Analysis: Qflow allows you to collect, analyse and monitor data related to various aspects of your supply chain including waste generation, energy consumption and the efficiency of your transportation choices. Identify areas for improvement and bolster your supply chain’s integrity with Qflow.
  • Enhanced Auditing Capabilities: Qflow solution enhances transparency at every point of the supply chain, enabling you to track material shipments from their source, ensure regulatory compliance and enhance your ESG reporting efforts.
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: Qflow enables a more thorough level of collaboration between parties involved in monitoring and maintaining the supply chain. Identify potential problem areas, share best practices, and coordinate efforts related to compliance and environmental regulation.
  • Material Quality Assurance: Qflow checks materials deliveries and WTNs in order to make certain they align with project requirements. We check the 9 duty of care points required by the Environment Agency as well as supplier certifications, ISO standards and more.

Qflow Smart Capture and Live Audits

Qflow enables you to capture key data at the construction site, reducing the odds that key data will be lost. With the material supply chain under so much pressure in recent years, companies are utilising this data to facilitate productive dialogues with supply chain partners in order to make the delivery of projects on time and within budget the new norm.


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If your business is to realise its true potential, bolstering the integrity and steadfastness of your supply chain is of paramount importance. Qflow enables enhanced supply chain monitoring and troubleshooting in addition to more productive collaboration with supply chain partners. Get in touch today using our contact form.

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Enabling responsible, resource efficient construction; cutting waste and carbon. Qflow automates on site data capture and auditing, feeding it into your existing tools

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