How to Automate WTN (Waste Transfer Note) Capture


A Waste Transfer Note or WTN (sometimes referred to as a duty of care certificate) is a legal document that records the transfer of waste from one party to another. Every business has a duty of care with regards to the environment, and WTNs help ensure they live up to that responsibility.

The WTN typically includes a record of the type of waste being transferred, the amount, and the business entities conducting the transfer. The goal is to track waste from its point of origin through to disposal, providing transparency throughout the entire waste management process.

Historically, tracking WTNs has been a problematic process rife with opportunities for human error, oversight, and corruption. The best way to smooth out the wrinkles with WTNs is to automate the capture process. And Qflow provides the best way yet devised to do that.


Qflow Smart Capture

WTNs are an important component of the overall strategy of achieving Net Zero by 2050. But all too often they are either overlooked or misplaced, causing both paperwork bottlenecks and regulatory compliance issues.

Fortunately, Qflow enables businesses to automate WTN capture, grabbing an image of the ticket at the point of departure and then enabling both parties involved to track the waste as it makes its way to the next stop on its journey. Qflow also automatically detects disconnects between WTN tickets and brings them to your attention in order to expedite rectification efforts.

But Qflow doesn’t stop there. It also automatically checks all 8 duty of care points on a given WTN as well as supplier certifications and alerts all parties involved to any issues or abnormalities it detects. And our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing site applications, automatically expanding functionality, enhancing efficiency, and sidestepping the need to wrestle with a bothersome learning curve.

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Put your Waste Transfer Note blues behind you by embracing true WTN automation with Qflow. It’s the smart way to enhance efficiency and accountability, to eliminate human error, and to keep compliance problems at bay. To learn more about how to automate WTN (Waste Transfer Note) capture with Qflow, get in touch using the contact form on this website.

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