Women Decarbonising Construction Series

As a female-founded company helping the construction industry decarbonise, we’re proud to share the stories of other innovative women working to build a sustainable future.

Latest Episode

Women Decarbonising Construction: Leise Sandeman, Co-founder of Pathways. 

Our new video interview series talks with the inspirational women at the forefront of the construction industry’s decarbonisation transition. 

Qflow CEO and Co-founder Brittany Harris recently spoke with Leise Sandeman about the work Pathways  is doing to help reduce emissions in the sector.

Join us every Tuesday for a new conversation with the women who are decarbonising construction.

Who do you want to listen to?

Lisa Oberainger

Co-Founder & CEO of Emidat


Co-founder of Preoptima


Co-founder of Tangible

Nicole Granath

Co-founder & COO of Tangible


Founder & CEO of Smart EPD

Leise Sandeman

Co-founder or Pathways