In the past, sustainable construction practices have mostly been considered a PR stunt and not an investment in the company. No more!

The construction industry needs to work on becoming more efficient in order to improve existing workflow and increase its bottom line. Or at least so I thought...

As we near the end of 2019, we start looking ahead and begin building a picture of what 2020 will look like.

In this article, I discuss why I don’t get caught up in defining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and instead focus in on Minimum Viable Features (MVFs). I look at how we use this concept at Qualis Flow to focus on delivering features that will drive sustainability in construction.

As a company, it has always been our goal to help achieve a more circular economy. Here is what we have discovered so far.

Software is the core of our business. It’s how we enable our clients to accelerate towards a sustainable future. Here James, our Product Owner, explores how we stop scope creep and get the right functionality out of the door as early as possible. Is it skimmed though?

With construction being such a data rich industry, surely it must be easy to collect data from the past and use this to improve our projects moving forward. Think again.

In the next 40 years, the globe will add 200 billion square meters of floor space. How are we going to support that construction activity in a sustainable way?

On the 2nd of September we hosted 20 Construction professionals, developers and startups and set them the challenge of unpicking “Procuring innovation in construction”. In this article, we sum up the findings and insights taken from this event.