It takes just 10 seconds to track and reduce as-built project carbon.

UK Developers can deliver sustainable projects with Qflow

  • Track, measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions
  • Ensure waste compliance across the supply chain
  • Automate accurate reporting across all project site
  • Support your ESG strategy and boost the IRR of projects

Most Developers are trapped in the carbon conundrum:

Carbon estimates are notoriously inaccurate

Increased cost of errors

in expensive

Increased admin & reporting pressures

Placing unnecessary admin burdens on your team

Increased investment pressure to decarbonise

And yet builders face increased pressure to decarbonise


in fines from waste regulators due to illegal data omissions


spent on inaccuracies in the supply chain in 2022

80% time

spent on data collection, admin & reporting


new regulations and mean embodied carbon is being targeted

Qflow helps Developers easily achieve sustainability targets

Data Accuracy
  • Move away from estimates and into actuals
  • Improve data quality from 40% to more than 90%+
  • Track and measure accurate
    as-built project data across sites to fuel strategic decision-making.
Full-Picture View
  • 100% of data captured, both on self delivered and supply chain
  • Accurately compare carbon emissions from all actors within the supply chain
  • Adopt holistic actions to eliminate, reduce, offset and monitor waste
Insightful Reporting
  • Seamlessly automate reporting with real-time data and management dashboards
  • Reduce up to 80% of time spent
  • Improve compliance & get real-time actionable alerts on materials and waste

Who uses Qflow?

Sustainability and environment team

Sustainability and environment teams

Qflow data helps you calculate, report and identify carbon hotspots and opportunities across your supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.

Quality and reporting teams

Quality and reporting

Keep on top of compliance and reporting requirements and push data directly into your own reporting tools such as Power BI or SmartWaste.

Financial Controller

Finance teams

Cross reference GRNs and WTNs against invoices in your accounting tools e.g SAP or COINS to reduce bottlenecks, slash admin times and expedidate accurate payements.

Commercial Team


Better manage your supply chain, project budgets and hit carbon targets to maximise your bottom-line. Secure a competitve advantage.

Driving sustainable construction

Deployed on

£ 0 bn
construction projects
accross the UK


material and waste movements

Carbon emission

0 M kg

In savings

£ 0 k/yr
per project

See Qflow in action

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Project sustainability simplified

Many of the UK’s largest Contractors and Developers rely upon Qflow

“Construction firms should deploy Qflow right now, for two reasons. One it’s really simple to deploy and secondly, you see immediate benefits… It’s allowed us to make a big difference to both our company’s targets and to those of our clients. It’s also helped us ease our reporting burden.”

James Pellat
Director of Innovation, GPE

“I thikn the sooner that everyone uses Qflow, the sooner the industry will be able to rely upon high-quality and reliable construction waste data. Using Qflow has highlighted to us, the flaws in construction waste data.”

Andy Doyle

Innovation Director, Grosvenor

“We’ve been using Qflow for over a year now. The benefits far outweigh themselves. Rather than having someone sitting at a desk trawling through delivery tickets, this is all an automated system so it saves a huge amount of time and effort from the sustainability teams. I recommend everyone gets Qflow now.

Penny McCallum

Environmental Manager, BW

And gain a competitive advantage

The quickest and easiest way to decarbonise construction

If your company is already thinking about sustainability, then it’s ready for Qflow.

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