Webinar: Decarbonising construction made easy

UK builders are turning sustainability into savings.
This on-demand webinar will show you:

  • Why decarbonising construction matters
  • How to simplify your decarbonisation efforts
  • How to improve and automate your measurement, tracking and reporting

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Most builders are trapped in the carbon conundrum:

Carbon estimates are notoriously inaccurate

Increased cost of errors

in expensive

Increased admin & reporting pressures

Placing unnecessary burdens on your team

Increased investment pressure to decarbonise

And yet builders face increased pressure to decarbonise


of projections are wrong by 10% or more


spent on inaccuracies in the supply chain in 2022

80% time

wasted on unnecessary admin & reporting tasks


new regulations and market trends mean embodied carbon is being targeted

Qflow helps builders solve their most important sustainability issues

Data Accuracy
  • Move away from estimates and into actuals
  • Improve data quality from 40% to more than 90%+
  • Produce reliable facts that lead to actionable insights
Full-Picture View
  • 100% of data captured, both on self delivered and supply chain
  • Accurately compare carbon emissions from all actors within the supply chain
  • Adopt holistic actions to eliminate, reduce, offset and monitor waste
Burdenless Reporting
  • Automate reporting
  • Reduce up to 80% of time spent
  • Improve compliance & get real-time actionable alerts on non-compliance

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Simplify sustainability. Turn it into your competitive advantage.

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