Decarbonising Construction with Emidat

The Emidat EPD tool enables AI-powered generation and distribution of environmental product declarations (EPDs), making environmental impact fast and cheap for building material manufacturers.

Lisa founded Emidat out of the conviction that construction has the huge opportunity to create a positive environmental impact.

With a background in mechatronics, entrepreneurship and computer science, she has been active in the climate space since 2018.

At Emidat, she is now addressing the environmental impact of construction materials by automating the creation, management and verification of environmental product declarations.

Q & A with Emidat

Q: What does Emidat do to decarbonise construction?

A: Emidat automates the creation, distribution, and management of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for material manufacturers, focusing on decarbonising the embodied carbon part of buildings.

Q: How did Emidat end up focusing on decarbonising construction?

A: Emidat has been involved in climate initiatives since 2018. After identifying construction as a significant lever for climate impact, combined with my family background in construction, I decided to focus on this sector.

Q: What were the biggest challenges Emidat faced in disrupting the construction industry?

A: Initially, the challenge was finding the right approach that aligned sustainability with financial incentives. It was difficult to convince stakeholders of the value of sustainable practices without a clear business case. Over time, they found a sweet spot by addressing the mismatch between sustainability goals and operational realities.

Q: What milestones has Emidat achieved and what are they looking forward to?

A: Emidat has made progress in solving complex problems related to EPD creation and pricing structures. They’re looking forward to fully verifying their solutions and creating proof points to demonstrate their effectiveness in driving sustainability.

Q: What does ultimate success look like for Emidat?

A: Emidat’s vision is to create a climate-positive construction industry. They aim to shift mindsets towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, leveraging regulations to drive sustainable innovation and ultimately transform the industry for the better.

Q: How can construction become environmentally positive?

A: By leveraging technologies and innovations, even traditionally “dirty” materials like cement can become carbon-negative. It’s about shifting the mindset from seeing construction as inherently harmful to finding ways to positively impact the environment.