How to Reduce Waste in Construction


Reducing waste is one of the premier challenges facing members of the construction industry. Every year construction waste generates 40 million tonnes of CO2, almost 10% of total UK carbon emissions. Getting that appalling number under control needs to be a priority if the nation is to attain its goal of Net Zero by 2050. Fortunately, the Qflow construction waste management solution is here to help.

Reducing Construction Waste with Qflow

The Qflow construction waste management solution is designed to help material suppliers, transport companies, construction companies and subcontractors reduce carbon emissions while simultaneously reducing the amount of physical waste that ends up in the landfill or, even worse, the ocean.

Qflow Smart Capture

There are many forms of waste associated with construction projects. Some is easy to qualify as it fills construction site skips to overflowing. Other waste is harder to put a finger on but is perhaps even more dangerous in its contribution to the unfolding climate crisis. But whatever the source of the construction waste, it must be accounted for so that steps can be implemented to reduce it over time.

The Qflow construction waste management solution enables construction companies to automate the capture of GRNs and WTNs, to track materials shipments from depot to work site, to receive automatic waste risk alerts, to identify areas where waste can be reduced or eliminated and to establish a clear audit trail to promote accountability.

Qflow integrates seamlessly with your existing site applications enabling you to extend their functionality and to achieve significant productivity gains. It will automatically check materials for certification and compliance with established standards, while also automatically checking WTN information against the Environment Agency’s 8 duty of care points.

Contact Qflow

When you integrate Qflow into your operation, the end result is a less wasteful, more productive construction project that is also far less likely to trigger compliance sanctions. With Qflow, you are able to bridge the gaps in your current technological support matrix without having to endure a punishing learning curve. To find out more get in touch with Qflow by using the contact form on this website.

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