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If nothing is done about our planet’s changing climate, life as we know it will soon become unsustainable. As such, sustainable construction principles are being rapidly adopted by construction firms great and small. Qflow is at the leading edge of this movement, determined to provide sustainable construction solutions that help companies optimise material use, decarbonise their processes, and better comply with green building regulations and standards.


Qflow's Solution Enabling Sustainable Construction

Qflow enables construction companies to better adhere to the principles of sustainable construction including:

  • Energy Efficiency – It is not only crucial that the building being built is energy efficient, the company building it must use energy efficient equipment and employ energy-saving practices during construction. Qflow helps construction companies and developers manage resources and waste in a sustainable manner.
  • Waste Reduction – Sustainable construction calls for reducing the amount of waste at a building site. Qflow automatically checks Waste Transfer Notes (WTN) to help you stay within your project-specific waste generation requirements. For materials, Qflow checks supplier certifications including FSC for timber and ISO compliance for other materials.
  • Carbon Reduction – Sustainable construction is a multifaceted subject that addresses everything from resource depletion to waste management and carbon emissions. Qflow enables construction companies and developers to identify and eliminate excess carbon that may be lurking at various points within their supply chain.
  • Energy-Efficient Materials – The last thing you want is to discover after the fact that you have incorporated non-compliant materials into your project. Qflow Audits weeds out any non-compliant materials in the supply chain by checking them against the 9 Duty of Care points of the Environment Agency and by checking ISO compliance and supplier certifications for different materials.

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Sustainable construction is no longer a luxury, it is a key factor in helping to ensure a liveable world for future generations. Qflow enables developers and construction companies to audit their supply chain to ensure building materials are compliant and to automatically check WTNs against their project-specific waste generation requirements. To learn more, get in touch with Qflow by using the contact form on this website.

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Enabling responsible, resource efficient construction; cutting waste and carbon. Qflow automates on site data capture and auditing, feeding it into your existing tools

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