Decarbonising Construction with Tangible

Tangible can help construction companies track, manage and report on embodied carbon throughout the development process.

Nicole Granath is co-founder & COO of Tangible Materials, a software platform for real estate actors to report on and reduce embodied carbon.

Previously, she worked to decarbonise products and operations as the global head of sustainability for a flooring manufacturer while living in China and the U.S. Prior to that, she helped launch a new fund at a tech-focused hedge fund in the New York area.

Nicole earned a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies from Harvard University.

Q & A with Tangible

Q1: What is Tangible and what do you do?

Tangible is a software solution for real estate owners and developers to manage embodied carbon. We help clients understand the impact of building materials on global emissions and provide solutions to improve.

Q2: How did you start working together?

We met in an environmental science and public policy class during their university years. We connected over a shared passion for sustainability and decided to collaborate on Tangible’s mission.

Q3: How did you transition from being friends to business partners?

We emphasise the importance of trust and vulnerability in our partnership.We find that knowing each other well beforehand has facilitated our business relationship.

Q4: What challenges have you faced in the industry?

We’ve encountered challenges in getting the industry to move quickly towards decarbonisation. Adopting new technologies and approaches in construction has been slow due to risk aversion and inertia.

Q5: How do you overcome industry inertia?

Tangible focuses on understanding and addressing the specific needs and concerns of real estate owners and developers.They provide hands-on support and guidance to clients to facilitate adoption of sustainable practices.

Q6: What are you most proud of so far?

We emphasise the importance of building a strong team that shares their vision and values. Tangible takes a selective approach to hiring, prioritising candidates who are deeply committed to the company’s mission.

Q7: What does ultimate success look like for Tangible?

Success for Tangible means enabling the real estate industry to effectively decarbonise its construction portfolio. We aim to provide clarity and a path forward for companies committed to achieving net-zero emissions.

Q8: How do you measure progress towards your goals?

Tangible evaluates progress based on industry adoption of sustainable practices and the extent to which clients are empowered to take action. We prioritise transparency and understanding as key metrics for success.